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About Our Products

Thanks for giving us a look!

Hello to everyone and thanks for taking the time to check out our brand new patented and patent pending Scribble products. My name is Dave Bullock and I am a 19-year teacher who has passionately created these new products, always keeping the needs and wants of our youth in mind.

It all started with our successful "original" version of the Scribble Bands about two years ago, in which we sold out of 75,000 Scribble Bands through Groupon, Living Social and hundreds of mom and pop stores. With tons of positive feedback and encouragement, along with a desire for continued product development, we have created some really cool products. We now have all-new upgraded Scribble Bands®, as well as other handy reminder products.

My passion is our youth and their extreme forgetfulness!

Dave at Scribble Products
Dave Bullock,
Scribbleband LLC

The big drive behind our ideas was to create unique reminder products that will get kids and teens involved and excited about this huge “note” market that is primarily adult driven. We created numerous durable reusable reminder pads with fun designs and bright colors while on a much more fun material than paper. Obviously, paper serves a great purpose; but, I strongly feel that many of our reminders and bright ideas deserve more than just paper to write on. Our writing pads are necessary to get kids and teens involved.

As teachers, my wife and I saw the monstrous need for kids and teens (as well as adults) to write short reminders. I noticed the problem really wasn’t writing the notes down; the problem was keeping the notes visible, in mind, and most definitely off the skin. The skin reminders usually worked because they stayed visible and stayed top of mind. With this thought process came our very visible reminder products.

With two kids and a driven wife, we had a fantastic time creating all of these fun products. My 14-year old daughter and wife are not afraid to voice their opinions and can be brutally honest with their expectations. My 11-year old son is much more relaxed and calculated in his approach (much like his dad), and is just having fun with development.

I hope you enjoy our products!

Throughout all of these creative fun times, I truly believe we have developed some really cool reminder products for kids, teens and adults. I am excited to say that our new Scribble products are catching some big attention and popularity in their very early stages.

Dave Bullock & Family
Dave Bullock & Family

Thank you so much for visiting our website. I hope you enjoy our products as much as my family and I have enjoyed creating them. Very soon I will be listing the retailers that will be carrying our new products. So here we go!

I wish you and yours the absolute very best!
Dave & Family

Scribble Products: The Bright New Face of Writing!
All Scribble Products are Patented or Patent Pending
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